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I am a Dance Your Ability facilitator with a passion for providing inclusive dance experiences that access the joy of movement for all humans from every neck of the woods.

With a zest for sports, music, and all things body-related from the get-go, it was love at first step discovering 5Rhythms 30 years ago and the freedom we can experience with

self-led movement.


I’m currently in my final of the 3-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner program ( and I value trauma-informed eyeballs for everything I do.


I am a certified practitioner in both Jon Paul Crimi and SOMA Breathwork and delight in combining breathwork with dance and somatic awareness in the wilds of the Yukon.


Consistently delving into a sizeable soup pot of music, I have a hearty appetite for singing, songwriting, guitar, didgeridoo, DJ'ing, and creating & combining all forms of music & sound.


As a support worker for people with disabilities it brings me great joy to focus on people’s creative & brilliant adaptations, unique abilities, and approaches to life, love, work, dreams, community & movement.

If you have any questions or curiosities please reach out!

~ Jen Massie~




Dancing in the trees, in harmony with the land and sky, was a sublime group experience.
Boreal Boogie is pure joy!

Jennifer Berezan

Singer/Songwriter, Activist, Producer

What a lovely Boogie! Jen creates a lovely atmosphere for connection, a safe space to move, a safe space to dance in any way that you like where no one critiques or comments.

I immediately felt comfortable and welcome.


Hospice Yukon

Dancing + Wild = Boreal Boogie

I love dancing and I love being in the wild. Combining these two loves brings me to

Boreal Boogie.

Jen's thoughtfully curated playlist beams in through a headset and, although I typically dance solo, all dancers collectively move to the beat of the same music—and we do move!

The headset sound system transmits up to 4 football fields, allowing dancers to enjoy a duet with a friend, a tree, a river or a rock—or to branch out to wherever the wild dancing spirit takes them.

If you like dancing in the wild, Boreal Boogie is for you!

Grace Snider


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